Sunday, 11 August 2019

Daily Diary (DD) - Day 223 of 2019


Making some headway now..........almost ready to shift to top gear.

Today is a Sunday and also Eid in the UK.


There remains no doubt that India's seemingly unilateral move on the 5th of this month has ignited an unprecedented levels of protests within the UK, AJK and many cities throughout the world. We may even have a list for you soon!

Meanwhile, here's another message for the UK parliament:


The leader of the political party that divided India in 1947 through an act of the British parliament, tweeted on the situation in Kashmir today:


Returning to the venues of protests for Kashmir throughout the world since the 5th of August, here's an attempt to list them:

- Multiple protests throughout each of the 10 districts of AJK
- Multiple protests throughout the UK. There is even one being prepared for Trafalgar Square on the 15th of August.
- Washington (D.C.) - USA
- Toronto - Canada
- Tehran - Iran
- Dhaka - Bangladesh
- Sydney - Australia
- Brussels - Belgium
- Delhi - India
- Lahore - Pakistan
- Paris - France
- Dallas (Texas) - USA


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