Sunday, 18 August 2019

Daily Diary (DD) - Day 230 of 2019


Appreciation and execution of tasks have to be bridged in public interest to succeed.


Let us not forget the following from yesteryear:

In July 1946, Hari Singh stated that people would "work out our own destiny without dictation from any quarter which is not an integral part of the State," writes Ramachandra Guha in his book 'India After Gandhi'. Singh famously wanted J & K to be the 'Switzerland of the East'; effectively a neutral territory between India and Pakistan. 

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As we're on the theme of British legacy here, here's an article in that echoes our viewpoint:


Today, Its one slogan and one track in the district capital of Neelam Valley, Athmaqam:

India and Pakistan go back!


Cross LOC confrontation between India and Pakistan has stepped up again since yesterday and inevitably civilian casualties are also rising. Today, the Poonch region and in particular Darra Sher Khan, Battal and Mandhol have seen a level of intensity and heavy lighting used for targetting, that have never been seen before:

Heavy Lights on LOC 1

Heavy Lights on LOC 2


Now, this is what I would describe as a wholesome internal narrative:


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Daily Diary (DD) - Day 154 of 2020

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