Tuesday, 6 August 2019

Daily Diary (DD) - Day 218 of 2019


An early start in Dadyaal today. Many people want to express their feelings over India's unilateral move to quash Article 35A and amend Article 370 in its constitution, in a bid to end Jammu & Kashmir's special status within the Indian Union. However, many do not realise Pakistan's complicity in the matter and their own attempts to integrate AJK and GB into Pakistan, right from the outset of breaking the Standstill Agreement with the Maharajah in 1947.


Here's a more representative view of what took place in Dadyaal today.

There were a range of speakers from pro-accessionists (with Pakistan) including the AC (Assistant Commissioner of Dadyaal) to independent J & K minded citizens. One can make their own conclusions as to the sentiment of the locals:


Does he have a role to play in stunting this bold move by the BJP?

Or am I interfering in politics?

Regional politics or international politics or local 'Riyasati' politics?

He also said the following, (for the record):


I took some time verify the authenticity of the following video on Twitter, from earlier today:

Indian cultural or political expansionism in the heart of Pakistan's capital, Islamabad?

Well, at least Jammu & Kashmir is most certainly agenda no. 1 in both Delhi and Islamabad today......and perhaps for many days to come?


The following is true.....what the Indians have done in their controlled part has struck a raw nerve throughout AJK:


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