Thursday, 7 May 2009

Holaar to Dreyer to Chechan in Tehsil Palandri

Where the road forks off from the Rawalpindi road at Holaar

Sunday 03/05/09

Day 2 of 'Ride for Justice' from Sehnsa to Muzaffarabad:

It's gets better. The response and re-action of the Azad Kashmir public to my cycle ride appears increasingly positive.

Though today's journey only amounted to about 13 kilometres, it was pretty much uphill all the way, barring a couple of kilometres of descent. The level of my fitness necessitated that I walk with the bike most of the way. A local who happens to be my namesake insisted that I ride on his motorbike for the final 2-3 kilometres. Despite my adamant stance, I felt compelled to follow his suggestion as he turned out to be more adamant than me.

Riding a bicycle adds a couple of extra dimensions to this quest for justice. Firstly, everyone that notices me is keen to learn who I am, where I'm from, where I'm going and most importantly; what is my purpose for such voluntary hardship. Secondly, the mental agony that I've been through these past four years and the tension of the impending death of my Naani and/or her sister or brother across the LOC could turn me insane; the benefit of riding the bicycle acts as a great physical foil to my mental anguish.

The reaction to questions on corruption, justice and freedom from India and Pakistan have developed a familiar tune and the appreciation of my efforts are far more than the total feedback that I had to my 'Ride for Movement and Peace' in July/August 2007.

My namesake also took me to a local wedding in Dreyer. A town that had a majority Hindu population before 1947. Giving the Hindus of Kashmir security, opportunity and justice would be a key feature of my vision for Kashmir.

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